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A Birthday Note

A Birthday Note

Dear Google,

I wish you a very very happy 14th birthday and thank you for the wonderful service you’ve been giving to us all for these 14 years. God knows how many students would have failed their lab exams, candidates their interviews, script kiddies their hacking plans and most of all, network admins would have missed a simple way to test their internet connection πŸ˜‰

I thank you for igniting the Internet race, for becoming the first garage style Internet start-up that proved its might, for setting off the biggest industry boom in history, for making giants realize that “even kids working out of a garage, anywhere in the world, with a good idea can put them out of business.” And ultimately, for making the day to day lives of so many people a better experience.

You have innovated, in ways others couldn’t even have imagined, and come up with products and services that are simply… fantastic. You started out as a child, and your doodles and easter eggs tell us that that child still lives somewhere deep down in the your heart. And something tells me that that child is the reason you’re everyone’s favorite, he’s the reason you innovate, he’s the reason you enjoy creating something cool and Wowyy.

I realize that as you grow, that child will grow too.
And his childish pranks and funny activities will either die out or turn into routine activities that are done to preserve the tradition rather than for fun. I have only one request to you, don’t let that child die. Don’t lose the enjoyment and excitement that geeks get in creating things, that’s the reason things they create are cool.

With this message, I again wish you a very very happy birthday and thank you for these wonderful 14 years, and wish you all the best for the years to come… πŸ™‚

— A Happy User

Awesomeness Assembled

Awesomeness Assembled

If the world was to end today, I’d probably be the most satisfied human to die. The child inside me wanted to go crazy, wanted to scream in sheer pleasure, wanted to be a part of the international phenomena that the epic has spawned, and it did. I feel so gratified, from the very bottom of my heart, to have let him free, to have acted crazy, to have let the blind addiction grow and to finally get my mind blown out by, what I’d call the best awe-inspiring movie experience of my life so far.

The Avengers sits at the pinnacle of the perfect balance between awesome action and the astonishing story-line that binds all that eye candy in proper equilibrium. At no point, you’d feel overwhelmed by action that can be justified only by the movie’s attempt to lure your visual buds. There’s enough reason for every bullet, every energy pulse and every arrow that went off in the film. And there’s enough content, apart from the action, to get you glued hard to your seats for over 140 minutes.

Special effects: Well, I don’t need to talk about that, you know. I mean, I’d be dumb to comment on the special effects of a movie like The Avengers. They were obviously, outstandingly, astonishingly,Β mind bogglingly AWESOME.

Direct Joss Whedon has succeeded in going way beyond the boundaries of sci-fi action movies in creating a perfect mix of the various aspects of super-humanity. It’s not an easy task to combine six superheroes into one epic, putting their superhuman abilities in perspective and still do justice to them all. But the wise man seems to have hit it at just the right spot. There were rumors after the teasers that the movie is probably gonna revolve around the biggies and Agent Romanoff and Hawkeye might just slip off the spotlight. But as it turns out, everyone has gotten a fair share of the big-screen.

Most of the geek audience would have been more than happy, just to see Iron Man, Captain America and Thor fighting in a jungle. But the movie has lots more in store as well, both for the geeks and the usual audience, and an absolutely fantastic way of delivering it. The characters shine within the company of each other, working as a team and looking more awesome than they ever looked. The awe was palpable when the Hulk catches a falling Iron Man or when Thor gives Captain America a hand.

Director Joss Whedon has put forth an effort that deserves a very special place in our hearts and minds for a very long time to come. And so have the actors. Perfection, in every sense of the word, The Avengers is not just a movie but is an example of how sci-fi action movies should be done. It has sent the bar in every department of movie-making rocketing up into the sky, higher than ever before.

Hats off to the great work, I’m gonna book for more shows. And BTW, I watched my first 3-D movie today, fulfilling almost a year long oath to not watch any 3-D movie until The Avengers. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time

Somewhere in the sands of time I hit the ‘Channel +’ button on the remote control. The electron beam inside the CRT of my Sansui 25-inch home-television altered itself to produce, on the phosphor coated screen, a struggling Prince Dastan and the evil Nizam of Persia. Ohh, I murmured, and then jumped on the same old train of thought again. The train that goes through the complex territories of time travel. And once again I wondered, how is time travel possible?

I’ve given this idea a fair amount of thought. Time and again, it has continued to elude me with its’ intricacies and yeah… its relationship to Einstein’s theory of relativity. I’ve seen about a dozen Discovery documentaries on the theory of relativity, and still never been able to understand how does one slow down time by moving at a speed equal to or faster than the speed of light. πŸ™

Warp Speed
Maximum warp. Punch it

One thing that troubles me more than anything else is that if time travel were really possible, and by possible I mean possible for mankind before our species goes extinct, why wouldn’t one of future us go back, say a few thousand years in the past from now, and tell the idea to one of us from the past, giving us the time machine a few thousand years earlier thereby implying that we now should be aware of it. But guess what? We’re not.

This could mean that either the people of the time travel era are forbidden from going to the past, or we live in a world of parallel universes where once you go back in time, you actually travel between universes. Thus explaining, why we don’t know about time machines yet. Because, in this universe, time machines were discovered at a very late point, and the people who tried to go back, actually jumped to different universes. This also points out that, in some of the universes parallel to us, we might be knowing what time travel is and how it’s done.

I won’t be amazed to imagine that in another parallel universe, I might be blogging about what ‘me’ in a universe where time travel is not yet possible would be doing. πŸ˜‰