Awesomeness Assembled

Awesomeness Assembled

If the world was to end today, I’d probably be the most satisfied human to die. The child inside me wanted to go crazy, wanted to scream in sheer pleasure, wanted to be a part of the international phenomena that the epic has spawned, and it did. I feel so gratified, from the very bottom of my heart, to have let him free, to have acted crazy, to have let the blind addiction grow and to finally get my mind blown out by, what I’d call the best awe-inspiring movie experience of my life so far.

The Avengers sits at the pinnacle of the perfect balance between awesome action and the astonishing story-line that binds all that eye candy in proper equilibrium. At no point, you’d feel overwhelmed by action that can be justified only by the movie’s attempt to lure your visual buds. There’s enough reason for every bullet, every energy pulse and every arrow that went off in the film. And there’s enough content, apart from the action, to get you glued hard to your seats for over 140 minutes.

Special effects: Well, I don’t need to talk about that, you know. I mean, I’d be dumb to comment on the special effects of a movie like The Avengers. They were obviously, outstandingly, astonishingly,ย mind bogglingly AWESOME.

Direct Joss Whedon has succeeded in going way beyond the boundaries of sci-fi action movies in creating a perfect mix of the various aspects of super-humanity. It’s not an easy task to combine six superheroes into one epic, putting their superhuman abilities in perspective and still do justice to them all. But the wise man seems to have hit it at just the right spot. There were rumors after the teasers that the movie is probably gonna revolve around the biggies and Agent Romanoff and Hawkeye might just slip off the spotlight. But as it turns out, everyone has gotten a fair share of the big-screen.

Most of the geek audience would have been more than happy, just to see Iron Man, Captain America and Thor fighting in a jungle. But the movie has lots more in store as well, both for the geeks and the usual audience, and an absolutely fantastic way of delivering it. The characters shine within the company of each other, working as a team and looking more awesome than they ever looked. The awe was palpable when the Hulk catches a falling Iron Man or when Thor gives Captain America a hand.

Director Joss Whedon has put forth an effort that deserves a very special place in our hearts and minds for a very long time to come. And so have the actors. Perfection, in every sense of the word, The Avengers is not just a movie but is an example of how sci-fi action movies should be done. It has sent the bar in every department of movie-making rocketing up into the sky, higher than ever before.

Hats off to the great work, I’m gonna book for more shows. And BTW, I watched my first 3-D movie today, fulfilling almost a year long oath to not watch any 3-D movie until The Avengers. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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