The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time

Somewhere in the sands of time I hit the ‘Channel +’ button on the remote control. The electron beam inside the CRT of my Sansui 25-inch home-television altered itself to produce, on the phosphor coated screen, a struggling Prince Dastan and the evil Nizam of Persia. Ohh, I murmured, and then jumped on the same old train of thought again. The train that goes through the complex territories of time travel. And once again I wondered, how is time travel possible?

I’ve given this idea a fair amount of thought. Time and again, it has continued to elude me with its’ intricacies and yeah… its relationship to Einstein’s theory of relativity. I’ve seen about a dozen Discovery documentaries on the theory of relativity, and still never been able to understand how does one slow down time by moving at a speed equal to or faster than the speed of light. 🙁

Warp Speed
Maximum warp. Punch it

One thing that troubles me more than anything else is that if time travel were really possible, and by possible I mean possible for mankind before our species goes extinct, why wouldn’t one of future us go back, say a few thousand years in the past from now, and tell the idea to one of us from the past, giving us the time machine a few thousand years earlier thereby implying that we now should be aware of it. But guess what? We’re not.

This could mean that either the people of the time travel era are forbidden from going to the past, or we live in a world of parallel universes where once you go back in time, you actually travel between universes. Thus explaining, why we don’t know about time machines yet. Because, in this universe, time machines were discovered at a very late point, and the people who tried to go back, actually jumped to different universes. This also points out that, in some of the universes parallel to us, we might be knowing what time travel is and how it’s done.

I won’t be amazed to imagine that in another parallel universe, I might be blogging about what ‘me’ in a universe where time travel is not yet possible would be doing. 😉

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